Activity 4: Assessing Resilience

Assessing your communitya��s disaster resilience is done by first completing the Rural Resilience Index (RRI) and Hazard Resilience index (HRI).A� These tools were developed specifically for use in rural and remote settings.A� You will need to complete both categories in the RRI (Community Resources and Disaster Management), and those hazard categories in the HRI that you have identified as a�?High Riska�? in your Risk Profile.

 Click the buttons below, or click the Tools and Reports link in the menu on the left to access the RRI and HRI tools.

Rural Resilience Index (RRI) A�A�
Hazard Resilience Index (HRI)
For some of this activity you may choose for your team to fill out the assessments based on the information you gathered earlier in Step Two.A� For other parts of the RRI you might ask large or small groups of community members to fill them out. Pay particular attention to the discussions about different dimensions and characteristics (the checked/unchecked items).A� These discussions can increase awareness and result in a more complete assessment process.